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Splurge on Dubai Hotels

The second largest of the seven Arab Emirates, Dubai has flourished due to its tourism sector in the last few decades. It is famous for its spectacular beaches, myriad Dubai property, resorts and hotels. Some outstanding hotels in Dubai are:

Burj Al Arab

Structured as a fluttering sail shaped building, extending up to 321 metres above the Arabian Gulf, Burj Al Arab is a majestic tribute to the emirate’s nautical inheritance. Bringing together the long standing reputation of the hospitality of the Arab, and the advanced technology to make life better, this hotel stands tall as a symbol of The Very Essence of Dubai implementing the best of new flanking traditions of the past. Burj Al Arab also provides a pick up for the guests who arrive at the Dubai International Airport. A Silver Seraph Limousine is sent by the hotel to pick its guests from the airport. This hotel offers 202 suites that have been exotically crafted and designed to achieve the highest degree class and comfortable luxury to appease the senses of all the guests and mesmerize them. Individual attention to detail and service are supreme with a private reception of each floor as well as personal service for every suite. Every suite features its own Laptop computer, printer, fax machine and a range of as many satellite television channels as possible. There is a provision of sophisticated and latest technology exclusive for each suite. With all the services that anyone could ever think of, this hotel in the Middle East is also the only Seven Star Hotel across the whole world.

Al Falak Ballroom and the conference rooms on the 27th floor, six restaurants and lounges, magnificently decorated private health and fitness facility, The Assawan Spa on the 18th floor, therapy rooms and workout studios, together, have set new standards for luxury, comfort and service on the coast of Arabian Gulf.

Jebel Ali International Hotels

Whether it’s the jagged Hajar Mountains of Hatta, luminous beaches of the Arabian Gulf or silky sail along Dubai stream that captures your fancy, you will be undoubtedly fascinated by the beauty of the Jebel Ali Hotels as they have their roots deeply inserted into excellence, hospitality, richness in history, culture and traditions. Jebel Ali Hotels pleased to provide the corporate and group travelers, a range of luxurious and comfortable accommodations and have become an ultimate destination for those who are on a for business purpose or leisure. From the opulent Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa, constituting both the Palm Tree Court & Spa and Jebel Ali Hotel, to the wonderful 4-star Hatta Fort Hotel mountain retreat, you can make a selection from an inspirational array of exclusive venues and properties that follow the vital Arabian hospitality. The spectacular Oasis Beach hotel offers a stay in its spacious and luxurious apartments for a few days or even a year. As you witness the wonderful contrast of new and old Dubai, you can take a cruise at the coast of Dubai. Splurge on a journey of folklore of Arab at the Al Sahara Desert Resort. You can have everything to make your stay a memorable dream stay with Jebel Ali International Hotels.

Shangri-La Hotel Dubai

Situated at the popular Al Jaber multi purpose complex, Shangri La hotel is the five star that overlooks the sea with its great location. This beautifully constructed complex is situated in the heart of the City’s Commercial and Business districts. Every room in the Hotel is decorated in a fine grandeur displaying a class and luxury in a contemporary fashion. The superior service offered at Shangri-La Hotel is associated internationally with the chain is responsible for maintaining such high standards. Even the most judicious travelers will also be admiring and appreciative about the Private Retreat of Our Horizon Club Rooms that offer additional amenities and services including an access to the Club Lounge that serves complimentary breakfast, Beverages during day time and complimentary drinks and cocktails for entertainment and dining, nine elegant restaurants and bars that offer a range of cuisines including Seafood. To relax your nerves, The Lobby lounge and balcony bar are the ideal venues. A stay at Shangri La Hotel is in short, a stay in heaven, if your budget permits you to experience the royal splurge.


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