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Dubai Metro:

A fully automatic network of driverless rail, which is set to be one of its kind across the whole world, is the rail network of Dubai which is better known as the Dubai metro. It has the capacity to easily connect 15 million visitors per year by 2010. Its first phase was estimated to be completed in 2009.

Palm Trilogy:

Palm Jumeirah is known as an icon internationally throughout the world, but the aim to create it lies underneath that is Palm Jumeirah was structured to solve the issue of Dubai’s beach shortage. HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, created a sketch of a palm tree and pronounced that sketch as the next big thing in Dubai in the form of the Palm trilogy. In this way, the thought of the design of Palm Jumeirah was conceived and the trilogy of islands was planned and hence put forth in to action including the Palm Deira and the Palm Jebel Ali.
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