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Dubai Amazing Building Wallpaper, Building In Motion Picture, Sightseeing World First Building in Motion

Dubai Amazing Building - Building in Motion in Dubai, UAE

Wallpaper Dubai Amazing Building - Building In Motion In Dubai, UAE

is known for its amazing and unique real- estate projects. Burj Al Arab, world’s tallest and Costliest seven Star Hotel. World’s tallest Building The Burj Dubai is under construction and will finish in September 2009. Emirates Towers, Palm Island are also a proof of Dubai’s ambitious real- estate projects. And now Dubai ready for another innovative skyscraper project. It is a new incredible project of Rotating Tower.

How Rotating Building in DUBAI?

Dubai’s “Rotating Tower in Motion” building is concept by architect David Fisher. This building is based on dynamic Architecture. Keeping in mind the weight of the wings, are made from Carbon fibers. The Building will change its shape constantly. Each floor of this skyscraper can change its position; it can move, and rotate 360 degrees independently. One floor is rotating completely and then also it is not affecting the other floors of the Building.

dubai rotating building picture

In the middle of this skyscraper there is concrete core, which is surrounded by about 59 independently rotating levels. There are about 48 wind turbines fitted between each floor to rotate the floor smoothly. On the roof of this building solar panels are placed to generate pollution free energy. The speed of the rotation is as slow as about 6 meters/ min, so that people inside probably won’t feel the Rotation.

building in motion at night-light snap


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